How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are? This is why we start every journey with our clients with our full EPIC Life Assessment. In that time we assess bio-markers like intra and extracellular hydration and blood pressure as well as psychological markers like energy levels and motivation.

A crucial aspect of this full assessment also includes one of our favourite sections - our Functional Movement Assessment. It is critical in identifying your level of body awareness, the health of your anatomical structure, and addressing areas that need improvement in order for you to be next level functional. Only from there we are able to set realistic goals for your training and create programming that works for you. It’s part of our starting point for you- a crucial one. From there we can design the best path for you to take (with or without us!). Although you may have heard of this type of assessment before - no one does a Function Movement Assessment quite like we do.

You’re with EPIC because you get it- and we get you. We pride ourselves on speaking to you like equals - not dumbing things down or holding back. In person, we have made a point of doing this and having this type of partnership with our clients since the beginning, but truthfully, when it has come to navigating the “internet” (cue Darth Vader’s voice), we have not continued this. We have wanted to keep things light and airy, but we realize now that we have not been showing you our best selves. Well, that’s about to change. Buckle up. Now, let’s get back to business here…we’re about to let you in on what to expect from us.

Our Functional Movement Assessment

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time. So many trainers get caught up in the most minuscule details or assessments but we recognize you don’t have time for that and unless you have been in a multi-car pile up and are in serious rehabilitation mode, you don’t need to know the degree to which your femur internally rotates while you lay prone on a therapy bed. You’re busy. You have a life going on outside the gym. So we get to the point. That’s one thing we promise.

In our Functional Movement Assessment, we test four Movements - that’s it. Getting you to do push-ups for time is just a way for trainers to try and break you down psychologically in an assessment, it doesn’t actually mean jack. It’s crap. We’re not interested in breaking you down, we want to give you data so you know what to do next. We test what matters.  

  • Level change/ hip hinge ability
  • Push mechanics
  • Pull mechanics
  • Rotation

Why just these four Movements?

I have boiled down this specific and unique assessment down to what matters the most. These are the four Movements that every single one of us needs to master in order to do anything well in life based on being a human being. From digesting food to standing up straight, gaining muscle to losing body fat - these are the Movements that make it all better. 

We could test 1,400 Movements and assess your cardio, your range of motion in every joint, your flexibility, mobility and believe me, there are gyms that will try to do that but the majority of those Movement tests won’t help move you forward in your journey. It’s just smoke and mirrors. Much of that story will be told to us in your intake form. To us, a measure of success is not when you can add something but when you can no longer take things away. That’s how you know that you’re dealing with experts- when they can make things simple for you. Also, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Functional Fitness is NOT Functional Training

This is one of the biggest misconceptions we come across when people come to EPIC. We want you to know exactly what to expect when you walk through our doors. Functional Fitness is like the B+ level of training. Functional Fitness is simply training Movement and Movement patterns that “mimic daily life” (excuse me, but our daily life includes nothing but sitting so… we want to do the opposite of that right?). We have redefined what Functional Training is, and really distinguish between the two. Functional Training is the wise, sage-like, cool cousin that speaks to you directly and doesn’t sugar coat anything or purposely try to confuse you. It’s the A+ of Functional anything.

Functional Fitness is just going through the motions but Functional Training is doing those Movements with purpose, specific to the individual in a way that respects the anatomical laws of the human form.

Functional Training works specific muscle groups through engaged, neuromuscular connected Movements that take into consideration force, foot position, kinetic sequencing and tension. Take, for example, the lat pull down on the cable machine. We care about your foot position because you are building energy from the floor and transferring it to your glutes so that you are actually able to engage your abdominal and your lats to execute that Movement. When you’re able to activate every muscle on the way up to that cable machine you are getting so much more out of that Movement than just pulling with your shoulder PLUS this is moving properly. The proper kinetic sequence matters A LOT. So, we focus there too.

The unfortunate truth about humans is that we don’t know what the proper human Movement is anymore.

We spend so much time sitting at our desks and for those of us who are already active, we often overuse and unintentionally even abuse our bodies. Our bodies have no agenda but to be well. In order to do this, we need to listen to our bodies, slow down and truly connect. Our way of prescribing, coaching and assessing Functional Movement helps us get back to the way our bodies are meant to move and has helped hundreds of our clients get results that will last a lifetime. 

Movement Matters

Functional Training is not a new concept, but the way we do it is. Fitness and physique conditioning has been around for about 40 years, it’s relatively new which is why it is still confusing and convoluted. Many trainers I speak to (that are not on our team) don’t even know what Functional Training actually is. A quick Google search won’t tell you anything worth knowing, the method I have created and our way of training is an accumulation of 15 years of my life (doing things wrong!), learning from it, researching and taking stock of what really worked. 

So, this is what Functional Training means to us; this is what it is really all about. This is what we’re all about and, in training with us, this is what you’re all about, too - efficient, sustainable, feel good, technical training that doesn’t waste your time.

Our Functional Training is essential to our health. It drives healthy Movement as the most important factor in determining our overall health. It promotes full body strength by exercising multiplanar and multi-joint Movements so you can go about your business easily and free from pain PLUS Functional Training teaches the mind and muscles to work together as one. Connecting neurons to muscles which makes the habit last long-term.

The bottom line is this: Movement matters. We aren’t looking for any issues or limitations you have; they inherently present themselves as we test your overarching body Movement.

We don’t need to perform strength tests because we can tell exactly how strong you are based on how you move. Besides, we’re going to make you the strongest you’ve ever been anyways.

If you haven’t yet done our Functional Movement Assessment, make sure you get one ASAP. It will level up your training and, in turn, level up how you are able to go through your life. Book your assessment with one of our trainers today. It’s our gift to you for reading this and wanting to do things right.