We aren’t your average gym.

We want you to cut the crap from your life, get more value for your money, time, energy and effort and be active in a way that actually counts. You want that too right? Dare we say, act like it? :) I’ll explain.

Through being in the fitness and health industry for 15 years, (half of my life!), I have always had one major question that I sought to get an answer to: “What is the easiest, best, most efficient way to get strong, lean, have increased energy, slow the aging process and keep progressing in my sport and hobbies?” Through all of my research on every training modality I could think of, including body building, olympic lifting, circuit training, typical bootcamps, and then, every diet, morning routine and self development process you can think of, I too cut the crap and ended up with what EPIC is today. I took multiple courses, seminars, workshops, attended countless conferences and founded my own conference in 2014 to get to where we are today. And no, I didn’t keep these secrets to myself :) I am sharing them with the world, and now, you.

All of that knowledge and education has been funnelled into our 4 pillars: Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature and Self Care. At the end of all of that research and knowledge as well as anecdotal evidence with myself and clients those are the categories of wellness that matter the most. This is why we have specific products and services under each of those pillars. We are the world’s first holistic boutique facility anchored in Functional Movement, Functional Medicine and Functional Food - I figured out how to give you want you need and have packaged it in a way that gives you what you want. We give clients results that LAST.

Sounds expensive right?

We give the most value and are the highest quality service you can find. I will show you why. Below is a list of fitness-like genres you can engage in separately at a gym or local studio and how we measure up against them.

Group Personal Training

These training sessions are often offered with the promise of major gaiiiiinz with certified personal trainers in a group setting and can run you $150-200/ month. We believe that personal training should be just that, PERSONAL! In a group setting a trainer can’t create a customized program for your body and your unique goals, because you’re not the only person in a session with that trainer. It allows the studio to charge you double for a regular priced membership.

Our personal training sessions are tailored specifically to YOU (and that’s how it should be). You are our focus and your goals are our goals. Our certified personal trainers know how to design a program that will work best for you because they get to know you and genuinely care about your progress. And our group classes? $90/month and you bet we have even better qualified certified functional trainers at the helm. We save you $60-$110/month!

Yoga Studios

Sure, you’ll find your zen, but just doing upward dog and peacock poses is not enough to help your body excel in mobility, strength, and conditioning. When you’re paying $80-150/ month aren’t you looking for a little more than that? No strength, no functional movement, no meditation, no community classes?

That’s why we don’t just stick to offering yoga classes. Our yoga classes are high quality and taught by the city’s best instructors so you’ll still find your zen but you’ll also notice that aches and pains you used to have disappeared, you’ll have increased mobility and strength, you’re natural breathing will even improve! Why? Because your membership with us INCLUDES yoga, strength + mobility classes, HIIT, meditation and more!


We all have that one friend who is obsessed with Crossfit (or is that you?). And kudos to them that they are proactively taking the initiative to workout. We, however, this kind of training is NOT meant to be the only training you engage in and for most people that like it, it is. We have seen our fair share of broken ex-Crossfitters showing up for physio or our functional training. Why spend $80-150/ month to get hurt? Without a well-rounded amp up and slow down approach to training you are bound to get hurt, it’s not rocket science, it’s from the denial OF science!

We focus our training around Functional Movement, both in classes and with personal training clients. Not only do we take into consideration how your body is currently moving but how the body is meant to move. We help you work out in a way that will not only make you physically stronger and leaner but will increase movement and mobility, posture, and endurance. In our new Strength + Mobility class we play with kettlebells and explore body weight exercises to do just that. It’s the future of fitness.

If you are trying to recover from a previous injury, our EPIC Recovery class helps with mobility, some myofascial release and mind recovery so you feel your best and replenish mind, body and spirit.

Meditation Studios

Meditation is incredible for your body and brain. However, your body and brain need more than just sitting still. Your body requires proper movement in order to function at its best. These studios can be pricey ($70-100/ month) and you only get the one thing out of it.

We recognize how important meditation is so of course, we offer it as a class and it is embedded within our yin yoga classes too! When you get our Classes package you’re not limited to only attending meditation classes so you can give your mind and body the workout it needs and deserves - you get access to everything.

We now also offer a Dharma Talks class which is a weekly group discussion about life, purpose and self-love. You’ll learn more about functional health- and more about yourself, too.

Corporate Gyms

These big box gyms often advertise themselves as being a one-stop shop. They offer yoga, spin, cardio classes, etc and will charge you $40-$100/ month. The reality, however, is that you have to partake in classes with huge numbers, there is minimal attention to your technique, the programming is outdated and can often cause your body more harm than good, plus … the facilities are unfortunately not held to the highest standard of cleanliness.

Whether it’s for cleanliness or programming we hold ourselves to the absolute highest standard AT. ALL. TIMES. We offer small class sizes so that you can still get the individual attention you deserve from the instructor or trainer, and you can rest assured that we always take into account the latest in health science when we’re giving you tips or new techniques to try.

Spin Studios

This is all the rage but it’s just not our focus. These memberships can run from $120-180/ month but let’s be honest, you’re only working out lower parts of your body and overdoing it with your heart rate. We like spin classes as a way to improve your heart rate efficiency, but they just cannot be relied on as the only form of exercise. Great beats only go so far.

Barre & Pilates

Looking to tone up and look elegant doing it? These classes can cost from $80-120/ month and while the burn feels good, osteoporosis and strength require lifting more than your legs and 5lb weights off the ground. You need to strength training, engage in HIIT training and mobilize and stretch with yoga and mobility. All barre and not only does it get boring, results dwindle after a few months.

In addition to our EPIC classes (both old and even bolder new), we offer health clinic services. This includes physiotherapy, massage therapy, holistic nutrition, naturopathy, energy healing, and pelvic health therapy. This is what it means to be truly holistic. With you membership with us we ALSO include FREE workshops with our practitioners from our School of EPIC. Learn from our Naturopathic doctor, our Energy Healer and more.

Whatever your health goals, it’s our purpose for you to achieve them. When you come through our doors you get more than cookie cutter classes and weight machines. You get innovation, cooperation, trust, and sure, a little quirkiness. But all that comes together as we help you realize and live your healthiest, most whole life.

Ready to start doing things right? Explore our Membership options here. If you’re new to EPIC, you can try our classes for one month for only $37 with the Newbie Month pass. Get yours today!