It is NOW HERE! Our NEW class schedule is out for you to take a gander at and fall in love with. The new schedule begins Monday, November 26th. Before you look at it, let me tell you why we are offering what we’re offering. Here is the inside scoop…

EPIC Fitness has always been different. We have been committed to disrupting the fitness industry by combining the welcoming, gentle and yin side of a well-run Yoga Studio with the challenge, science and drive of an NCAA University training facility. We have poi and singing bowls next to our foam rollers and bumper plates – it is heaven.

These yin and yang principles and our philosophy did not come about overnight. I have been inspired by my own journey of being an intense athlete, hitting a plateau and seeking healing through yoga, meditation, intuitive healing methods and functional movement. I have also been moved by wellness centers focused on functional medicine and cancer care treatment centers in the US. Also, environmentally friendly community-based coffee shops, Buddhist meditation centers and of course, the great outdoors.

Through all of these areas of wellness and culture, I have learned so much and have found that the integration of these teachings has been key. I have put these teachings into specific services, products and classes offered at EPIC and they have been so incredibly helpful to our members and community.

For the past year I have been committed to curating only the BEST tools and resources in our Life Shop, upgrading our personal training experience for clients so they get results that last a lifetime faster and, most recently, levelling up our class programming to better reflect the latest in what people need to optimize their body and mind.

Six years ago when I opened EPIC, not everyone was ready for this new, innovative style of fitness. I remember talking about movement and people looked at me like I had five heads. And energy healing - forget about it. But, things are changing and I’d like to think we are leading that change. Over the past year we eased our participants into the general teachings of functional movement…

But now, we know you are ready to level up!

When it comes to class programming, I see myself as a chef - I understand what the diner wants and what they need and think about what ingredients to use in order to get that result in an efficient, convenient and delightful way. I pull from the best spices, the best produce and end up combing flavours that end up delicious, palatable and delightful. So, our new schedule is abundant with exclusive, progressive and creative programming from different modalities all aimed to scientifically and energetically get your cells, your heart and your head moving in the right direction.

You will experience elements from #movementculture, HIIT, gymnastics, yoga, judo, movement therapy, music therapy, functional training and energy healing curated into the coolest and most innovative classes you can find across our whole darn country.

Don’t worry, the classes you already love at EPIC aren’t going anywhere but there may be some adjustments here and there so that we are more in tune with meeting our community’s needs and really ensuring that our philosophies are embedded within all we do. So, without further ado, here is our NEW class schedule!


Every great executive chef needs an even better sous chef. When the programming is complete the next thing I do is try to find the right person to lead the programming for our clients week after week. They need a unique outlook and a unique set of skills. The instructors you will experience in each class has been hand-picked with the vision and result in mind. We bring together the best in the yoga world, the meditation world and in the training world.

All of these new classes are inspired by The EPIC Life Formula. Brain health and overall nervous system health has been a passion of mine for a while. So many people are stressed with a jacked up nervous system forgetting their keys, their words or what they ate for dinner yesterday; a few of these classes will help your memory, your reflexes and your brain and body health.

Not sure what’s what? Check out the new additions to our schedule and what each class entails. We’re certain there’s something for everyone!


Brain Waves

This is a car wash for your brain. Through partner exercises, intuitive movement and coordination drills, settle the nervous system, connect left to right brain and increase your productivity and creativity.

Strength + Mobility

This is the future of fitness. This class is all about purposeful, intelligent strength development mixed with mobility work. Technique will be king here. Prepare for some major strength gains and mobility improvement as we get to play with kettlebells and explore body weight exercises.

Dharma Talks

Welcome to a weekly gathering and group discussion on life, purpose, health and self-love. This class will help you learn more about functional movement, food and medicine and how you start practicing more of the EPIC life principals every day. Imagine the Buddhist tradition with an underpinning of life coaching and pop psychology.

EPIC Recovery

Always feeling sore from your workouts? Wake up tight as a rod? It may not only be your tissues - the nervous system and your energy centers need attention. Mobility, some myofascial release and mind recovery will help you recover and replenish mind, body and spirit.

Movement Flow

#Movementculture is our thing! Slither, slide and move your body in a way you didn’t think possible. A cross between Animal Flow, Functional HIIT and Yogi Flow. This class will help you learn how to be present in your body, increase flexibility and improve your mobility.

EPIC + MUSE Meditation

Track your brain waves throughout Meditation! We are the first in Ottawa to use the Muse Meditation Headband as part of a group practice. See how effective your brain is at keeping calm with this unique class. Experience the unique pairing of technology and guided in-person meditation. Live above ordinary. 50 mins

Ready to live your potential? Start your EPIC life journey with us today by taking advantage of our Newbie Month pass: $37 for one month of unlimited classes. Get yours today!