At the age of 19, Catherine Hull was newly married, a heavy smoker, addicted to fast food, with no physical activity and desperately in search of attention in all of the wrong places. She thought that happiness and fulfillment came through material things and in turn, was incredibly unhappy. Despite this, she wanted to be a mother and so, she knew she had to start living a healthier lifestyle. She quit smoking and this was the beginning of her journey of learning to love and take care of herself. Little did she know she would be teaching the same to others years later.

Fast forward a few years later, Catherine was fully on-board the fitness train and after witnessing the impact of active lifestyle firsthand (whether it was working on her own or with a personal trainer), she was inspired to help others to feel the same. It was the first time in her life that she truly felt like she was contributing to something greater than herself. Becoming quickly successful as a trainer, Catherine began to focus on posture therapy in her sessions with clients but she started to recognize that her clients weren’t only suffering from physical pain.

“They had mental and emotional pain so I was starting to piece together that I could only help them so much on the physical level but definitely there was still work to do on the mental and emotional and spiritual level,” Catherine explained.

At the time Catherine was seeing an Energy Healer herself. As she was dealing with some of her own trauma and pain at the time, it was suggested that she try this approach. This was her introduction to the holistic practice.

“At first, I didn’t understand what was happening but I just knew that I kept feeling better. Every time I would leave I felt lighter.”

After seeing an Energy Healer for a few years, the difference it had made in Catherine’s life was undeniable. She was so motivated and inspired by the positive effects she experienced that she couldn’t help but want to share that with others and provide them with the same comfort and guidance.

One thing that is immediately obvious about Catherine is that she genuinely cares about making a difference. She wants to help other people live their healthiest lives. Being an Energy Healer is her path to do so.

“Energy healing gets the issues out of your tissues,” Catherine laughs. “It’s kind of like an emotional massage.”

Energy Healing is used to help people move through mental and emotional blockages. When we suffer a trauma, go through something difficult, or even an injury, that pain can get stuck in our energy field like a wound that never fully heals. As Catherine explains it, there are layers to the human body beyond the actual body. Our own energy field is part of that. When we have a blockage or issue in our energy field we can’t move about freely or openly, instead, we are emotionally stunted or stuck. The purpose of energy healing is to help you become more connected to yourself and your own intuition so you can move through that emotional blockage and heal.

So, isn’t it basically a therapy session? The answer is Energy Healing is different than a conventional talk therapy. There might be a little bit of talking to first discover what the main issue is and where a person is feeling it (however, if they aren’t sure that’s okay too. Catherine explains that they would then set that intention to find out!). Catherine would then use gentle hand positions on or hovering above the body to help release the stored blockages. But it’s very important to note that Energy Healing cannot be done without a person’s full consent and willingness. Even if someone is not ready to release all of their blockages, progress can still be made to the point they are willing to reach.

“It might sound funny but sometimes people are very attached to their trauma so they aren’t ready to let go of all of it but if they’re there they’re probably ready to let go of some of it,” she says. “It’s is a cooperative process so we don’t do anything you’re not ready to.”

Catherine explains that even if a person’s mind is busy for the entire session, the Energy Healing still works. Even if someone falls asleep (which Catherine notes, is totally normal!) the fact that they are there and have set an intention to be will allow the energy to still come through since the Energy Healer is simply a conduit for the energy.

“They’re not the water, they’re the hose,” says Catherine. “The energy comes through regardless and it’s more that person and their connection with their own energy and their higher self or God, the universe, whatever power speaks to them. That’s the whole work right there.”

Many people are disconnected from their intuition and their source of healing so that is where the Energy Healer comes in. They help find that connection but, in Catherine’s opinion, Energy Healing should still be building autonomy with a client.

“The client should not need you for a long period of time. So we’re building independence and helping people to feel empowered that they can do it themselves. Now, if people return hopefully it’s because you’re teaching them so much and they want to learn more and they want to go deeper into that healing,” she says.

To reach healing, Catherine practices a few different kinds of Energy Healing modalities to help people with different issues. Access Consciousness Bars is one she uses for emotional blockages. This consists of gently tapping or holding points on the head to release negative energy or debilitating belief systems. There is also Integrated Energy Therapy (or IET) which Catherine uses to help people release trauma from the past so that they can embrace the present. Healing Touch is one she uses for people who have gone through a surgery or are suffering from physical ailments as it can help with restoring the physical body through energy- some levels of Healing Touch are even being used in hospitals!

“Energy Healing is on the cusp of becoming very popular when it’s actually been around for thousands of years. We’ve been working with energies since the beginning of time, really, but it’s now becoming more mainstream and having EPIC, which is a gym, offering it is so cool.”

Catherine’s own Energy Healing practice reaches beyond the physical and provides people with space to really work on their mental and emotional health. Today she not only aspires to help others to find their joy in life, but she is determined to empower others to do the same through her Healing Hearts School by helping people to get knowledge and certifications they need to also become Energy Healers.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environmental stress, and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential. Energy Healing helps to discover the root causes of mental blocks and guide your way through them. That’s why here at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle we offer Energy Healing services in order to help you achieve not just physical strength, but the emotional one as well.

Training your mind and your energy is just as important as training your body and it is much harder than it seems. Energy Healing can help with the big life issues like clearing out trauma to the seemingly simple issues like sleeping better or having better habits. If you’re interested in learning more about Energy Healing and discover its benefits on yourself, set up a discovery session with Catherine. It’s time to move into a place of healing and emotional freedom so you can experience more joy and peace.