Do you ever notice that you sometimes can drink water all day long and still not feel hydrated? Maybe you still experience symptoms like dry skin, low energy, or fatigue and you’re thinking, “Well, this can’t be right … can it?” It CAN! That’s because true hydration requires more than just water.

In particular, for people who live an active lifestyle, simply drinking water will not do the trick for staying hydrated. As we go through the day and sweat we are constantly losing electrolytes which are necessary for our bodies to function properly. Just drinking water won’t replenish those electrolytes. That’s why our Life Changer of the Month is Endura!

Endura contains a unique blend of electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and even salt- yes, this is why our sweat is salty) to help you stay hydrated and maintain energy. We use Endura because it abides by science and provides the perfect ratio of electrolytes that our bodies can absorb and make use of.

Electrolytes help your body maintain its fluid balance. These mineral compounds, when dissolved in water, become ions (electrically charged particles) passing through your cells so they don’t become clogged with sodium. Since sodium attracts water, when a cell contains too much it will eventually become waterlogged and could even burst and die. Instead, as ions are flowing freely through your cells, this sodium imbalance won’t occur.

These ions also create electrical impulses allowing your cells to communicate with one another which, in turn, allows you to think, see, and move. It’s crazy when we realize how much of our body functions are being powered by electrolytes.

In addition to these functions as a team sodium, potassium, and chloride help the body in their own ways as well. Sodium balances your pH levels and keeps your blood from becoming too acidic or too alkaline as it digests proteins and carbs. Potassium is a major constituent of muscle tissue and aids in digestion to synthesize proteins and starch. Finally, chloride breaks down food in your stomach and is used to make a natural antiseptic (called hypochlorite) in your white blood cells.

If you’re healthy, there really is no downside to consuming all the water and electrolytes you can. When you drink more water than your body needs, you simply pee more so your body can adjust it’s water level. But if you don’t drink enough water or replenish electrolytes? You’ll feel sluggish, tired, groggy and you won’t be able to function properly or perform even close to your best.

We choose to supply Endura specifically because this is a specially formulated powder. Not all electrolyte replacements are created equal but endura supplies not only the electrolytes your body needs but also carbohydrates (in the form of glucose polymers and fructose) delivered in a balanced ratio to delay onset fatigue during your workouts (or other strenuous activity).

Still not sure if you need this? Any of our trainers would love to provide more insight and help you out!