This is the story of one of our clients who prefers to stay anonymous; so let’s just call her Jane for this story.

I began to work with Jane in August 2015. In the beginning, it was a challenge for her since she had previously been going to a trainer she was familiar with whom she had grown to trust over the years to me, a trainer she did not know very much about and had no built up trust with. Over these past years, it has been a pleasure to get to know Jane and watch her grow physically stronger and, more importantly, see how this new physical strength has helped her mentally and emotionally thrive in life!

When I originally spoke with Jane about her life before EPIC, she described herself as being “lost and depressed” and having “low self-esteem”. Being part of the EPIC community and surrounded by trainers, Jane found what she really needed through the “compassion, understanding, and encouragement” from the whole team at EPIC. In addition to increasing her physical fitness levels and gaining a more toned muscular figure, Jane’s energy levels skyrocketed, the pain in different areas of her body decreased, she gained the desire to quit smoking (and then did it), plus she now has a greater understanding of her emotions and how to keep them stable. She has increased her self-love and knows that it is ok and not selfish to take good, quality time for herself.

When asked if she could only use one word to describe her experience here at EPIC, Jane said “Rewarding”. “Why?” I asked. “Because it was a big part of my recovery from the loss of my thirty years of marriage and the effect of the disease of alcoholism.”

Over the time I have been training with Jane, I have seen her thrive mentally, physically, and, emotionally, because of all the work she puts into herself through functional training and proper recovery from her workouts. I am so happy for Jane and all the great things in store for her. I am so honoured to have been a part of her journey and have had the opportunity to train her as a client and have her as a friend who I can 110% say is a happier and better version of herself now then she I met her last year. “Take care, my friend”