One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from clients over the years is that healthy food is inconvenient, not delicious, and…. it’s very confusing as to what healthy food actually is.

It has always been my dream to offer nutrient-dense, holistic (consideration for the environment, packaging, where it was made), quick and delicious food to my clients in the same location where we offer personal training, movement classes and yoga. With our recent move to Beechwood Village - it is now possible.

Not only have I always dreamed of nourishing the bodies and minds of the clients and members that we help every day, but also the bellies of the people in my neighbourhood. I myself, when wanting a snack on the go, have a hard time finding somewhere nearby where I can drop in for a simple salad or a snack that is nutrient-dense, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, local and made with care. I don’t want to contend with the traffic downtown, fight for a parking space or have to sit down to eat. We believe in conscious food for a conscious life and we are so excited to serve clients, members and neighbours who feel the same way. This is why me and my team are super excited to announce the opening of Basecamp Cafe! We not only want to make healthy eating easy and convenient, but show you that foods can be healthy and delicious at the same time.

Food is meant to nourish your body and fuel your life. How many times have you felt tired after a meal? That feeling of bloat, sugar jitters and fragility is too common and food is not supposed to make you feel sick or take your energy away. It’s purpose is the exact opposite.

So many companies, food stores, and restaurants plaster buzzwords like “fat-free”, “natural flavouring”, “detox”, and “superfoods” everywhere. But, no one really knows what these terms mean because, well, they don’t really mean ANYTHING. It’s time for our us to accept the fact that the majority of foods we consume are literally killing us, even though they may promise the opposite result entirely. Food companies do not consult with holistic nutritionists or those with special interests in the wellness and health of their clients. They instead consult marketing companies and food scientists to figure out what they can produce with high taste and low cost. Also, bakeries and food service shops that serve gluten-free and vegan items do so because they are buzz words which means it is likely higher in sugar than the non gluten-free or vegan items. It’s tough to do it right when you do not understand food science or holistic wellness to the extent that we do.

We want to help you understand what healthy, conscious eating is and expose you to foods that are actually healthy, tasty, whole, and local. We have no agenda but to educate, help and nourish people in a way that will make them healthy LONG TERM.

Your journey starts at a basecamp, and it ends there too. Whether you are looking to fuel up before your workout, your hike or your run or are replenishing afterwards, we have the perfect food items for you. We consider the source of our food products, ensure that they are organic, easily absorbable, void of common allergens, low in sugar and carbs and are macro-balanced. We have 2 chefs that we work with who are dedicated and passionate about making allergen-free, conscious and holistic, organic, convenient, prepared foods accessible and available. We want to provide every runner, hiker, and adventurer with food to help fuel #theEPIClife. Our mission is to nourish lives of every conscious living human with delicious, nutrient-dense meals. And yes, healthy food can and should taste EPIC.

We will be offering foods that level out blood sugar, are void of common allergens, are organic, local, and made with love! :) All cafe offerings will be gluten-free, plant-based, vegan-friendly, and mostly organic (unless unavailable or because we’ve opted to go local). The best part- all our products will net less than 10g of sugars and be high in fibre and/or healthy fats which are important for our brain, skin, hair, nails, and workout recovery.

Our items are based on the latest performance research, taking into consideration absorbability, digestibility, and nutrient content. And no, we are not trying to promote a lifestyle that is exclusively vegan or gluten-free but instead believe that providing those options to people with special dietary needs or preferences on the run is important.

Basecamp Cafe will be offering:

  • Grab’n’Go Salads (with wild-caught fish, chicken, or vegan) with homemade dressing (full of fats, fibre + greens as per The EPIC Life Formula)
  • Coconut cream parfaits with berries and granola (dairy-free and fermented)
  • Smoothies (also customized)
  • Smoothie bowls (dairy-free, high protein, no sugar)
  • Kombucha and nutrient-dense juices (low sugar made locally)
  • Iced Green Tea- NO SUGAR
  • Bulletproof Coffee (cold brew, cold brew + collagen protein and regular)

On weekends our menu will also feature homemade gluten-free bakery items including banana bread, almond or peanut butter cups, cinnamon buns, cookies, and more- all made in-house! We want to emphasize that you can be healthy and still have treats. Have a dinner party, but have a food allergy? Don’t want to skip out on dessert, but don’t want to feel fatigue, bloating or a sugar-high either? Our bakery items are for you!

Get rid of that “cheat meal” mentality that will fill you will confusion, shame, guilt, and regret and really start to enjoy your food! We want to encourage you to choose the healthy and yummy options so that you can live optimally. Instill wellness into your life and body one EPIC smoothie, salad, juice or bakery item at a time! Know where your food comes from and know that what you have chosen is fuelling you towards that EPIC life you deserve and crave.