Summers tend to throw us off track. It can be hard to resist the open bag of chips at a BBQ, sugary cocktails or iced drinks on the patio, a scoop or two of ice cream, and so on. We often work so hard to get that “summer bod” and are careful of foods that zap our energy and bloat us leading up to the season, but once summer hits, it all goes out the window. Usually, it happens gradually. It’s that bag of Cheetos Joe brings to the cottage, the hot dogs Aunt Jane brings to the baby shower and before you know it, you’re going down the candy aisle at the grocery store yourself. Let’s break the cycle this year and embrace summer as THE season to eat healthier, look to a more plant-based diet and to open up our eyes and mouths to bakery items and treats that are lower in sugar and higher in nutrients rather than the traditional over-processed ones. Say “YES” to foods that are delicious that do not send us into a mental fog or weight gain spiral!

We believe in conscious and holistic eating. We believe in whole foods like dark leafy greens and swiss chard, but also, ethically sourced dark chocolate with hazelnuts, brownies made with zucchini and coconut oil (SO GOOD!)! It’s possible to eat healthy and eat treats - it’s all about the ingredients and getting creative. It’s time to break the cycle of emotional eating and fad diets once and for all. This month we are offering specific resources to help you properly optimize and fuel your EPIC life! Let us teach you our ways!

The EPIC Energy Workshop

Wednesday, June 13

Part of The School of EPIC Workshop Series, this session will help you discover the foods and supplements your body and mind need to feel energized this summer. Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Maranda Carvell, will teach you when and how much, when and what to eat in order to rev up your metabolism. You’ll also receive exclusive free guides that includes simple strategies to help you ace your food game and feel your best. Free for all EPIC clients and members, and open to public for cash donations toward our #EPICKids Foundation.


The EPIC Life Retreat

Friday, June 15 - Sunday, June 17

This is two days and two nights of functional movement, nature, self-care, and delicious, nutritious food! Escape and get grounded with your EPIC community. Increase your energy and vitality with nutrient-dense, whole foods that will help you feel grounded and ready to receive all that summer has in store for you. Still few spot left!

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The EPIC30

Starting Wednesday, June 20

This 30-day online food program includes information and tools you can use long after the challenge ends so that making kickass food choices is easy. You will receive four weeks of customized meal plans, recipes + shopping lists, tips, tricks, and hacks to make a sustainable change, unlimited coaching with our RHN Maranda Carvel, two live seminars, and more! The best part, you can do this program is online and you can do it ANYWHERE.

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The Basecamp Cafe

Opening Friday, June 22

It’s the secret we can no longer keep! We want to make healthy eating as easy, delicious and accessible as possible. Meet The Basecamp Cafe! Grab-and-go salads, smoothies and smoothie bowls, Bulletproof Coffee, iced-tea, gluten-free bakery items, dairy-free parfait, and consciously-made holistic foods. This is guaranteed to be your new fave. With some items already on our menu, we cannot wait to launch The Basecamp Cafe on June 22!

Optimize your health and wellness to truly embrace these summer months! How we fuel our bodies matters, and no, healthy does not mean it won’t be delicious. If you’d like some extra advice and education on holistic nutrition and want to discovers ways to fuel your EPIC life, book a complimentary discovery session with our RHN Maranda!