Before I came to EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle I was feeling a little lost in my fitness journey. I had ended a varsity hockey career a couple years prior and during that time had suffered four concussions. This had set me back with post-concussion symptoms of multiple headaches a day and chronic neck pain. I was unable to get through a regular day, especially workouts without having to lay down in a dark, quiet room.

I have always been a very active person, so this was insanely frustrating and I felt very unmotivated because going to the gym wasn’t helping. Instead of feeling high on endorphins and energized I was in a lot of pain and my headaches were getting worse after my workouts which led me to become discouraged and slow down on working out.

After a couple of months in what felt like a standstill, I knew I had to get it together and take action to better tackle my symptoms. And this is where my journey with EPIC began.

I was very nervous before going to EPIC because I had never worked 1-on-1 with a personal trainer before and had honestly no idea what to expect. Looking back over a year ago, I remember my first day there I was greeted with the most amazing ear to ear smiles and surrounded by this contagious positive energy; and nothing has changed now :) 

What have I learned? Where do I even begin?!

EPIC Fitness isn’t just a gym, it’s a community. From lifting weights, community hikes, to nutrition courses and yoga classes. EPIC has it all. 

I have come to realize that fitness isn’t about just going to the gym, lifting some weights and BOOM you’re fit as a fiddle. This is far and beyond.

EPIC Fitness has taught me that being ‘fit’ is a lifestyle.

I learned that I need to put in work at the gym, yes, but it doesn’t end there. Being fit means so much more to me now. Am I nourishing my body with the proper nutritious foods?  Am I taking time out of each day for myself? It’s about finding a healthy balance between your career, nutrition, social life, and exercise. And some days you don’t want to go to the gym, but the fact that you make it there is a success in and of itself. It is the little victories we must constantly be aware of. Some days you will kill it and beat your personal best and other days you just need to roll out those sore achy muscles; and above all I’ve learned to listen to my body.

Since walking through those doors I remember thinking… hmmm this place is different. A different that I needed and a different that I adapted to very quickly and most importantly… a different that helped motivate me to be the best version of myself possible today :)

From Marissa:

“Seeing Cass’s fitness journey has brought me so much joy and peace. As her trainer, all I ever asked for her was to commit and give what she had. Cass (being an ER nurse) has helped so many people and I have seen first hand just how much she cares for others. She trusted me and trusted the process. Seeing her take this love and compassion for others and really start showing it to herself has been beautiful to watch. It’s incredible to see what Cass created for herself physically and mentally through her nutrition and training using patience, surrender, and persistence.

Keep going buddy!! I’m so proud of you and everything you have done. You worked hard for where you’re at, there are only more great things to come!”