With so much jargon used surrounding nutrition it can be difficult to differentiate between all the exact terms, phrases and their meanings. So when we say that we work with Registered Holistic Nutritionists (RHNs) … what exactly does that mean? Is this the same thing as a regular nutritionist, a nutrition coach or a nutrition counsellor? And why does it matter?

The reason we work with RHNs over a nutritional counsellor or a nutrition coach is because to hold this title in Canada means that you have gone through specific and formal training with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN), have passed a board exam, and have completed a certain number of hours in practicum.

When a nutritionist is not registered or goes by “nutrition expert” it means they have not gone through any kind of formal training. There are no regulations or standards and while it doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate about healthy eating, their treatment plans do not have to be evidence-based.

We focus on holistic nutrition because we believe in the values of eating healthy, whole foods as close to their natural state as possible. We love all things organic, local, unprocessed, and unrefined- as do RHNs!

What makes an RHN’s approach to nutrition so unique is that they don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. They treat each person differently to address their specific needs by evaluating their past health history, lifestyle habits, emotional state, and current diet - we call this respecting each person’s bio-chemical individuality. Taking individuality into account allows them to better zero-in on the root cause of the health issues you are experiencing- even ones that are not very obvious! RHNs are also not obsessed with counting calories. While calorie count is important in some respects, RHNs are more concerned about the ingredients list of an item versus it’s overall calorie amount. RHNs believe that high, nutrient-dense foods are more beneficial even if they are higher in calories.

RHNs do not only help people lose weight but they can help battle depression, fatigue, insomnia, hormone issues, skin conditions, and disease prevention. Generally speaking, they are the BEST practitioners to see if you are dealing with any chronic issues. We truly are what we eat but so many of us don’t recognize what we’re eating in the first place, and, do not really know how particular foods can influence how we feel. Using food as medicine is a great concept but it takes a practitioner who really understands the nutrient value, absorbability and medicinal content of food to actually help you heal.

On the conventional side of nutrition you have Registered Dieticians or Nutritionists. These individuals work primarily in institutional healthcare spaces like in clinics and hospitals; any place that is government run or government subsidized. You have them to thank for your hospital food :) These nutritionists serve patients in acute situations that require immediate care such as a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes, a patient that is post-heart attack, a patient that is severly obese etc. Although this line of work is very, very important, RHNs are more on the chronic or preventative side of care. RHNs help clients who have had chronic issues that will not go away such as the issues mentioned above (acne, general fatigue, eczema, bloating etc.). We also see many RHNs in the sports and wellness space helping athletes level up their performance naturally without using supplements or food products full of fillers, chemicals or other questionable ingredients.

Our lives can be SO much more optimal even by making simple changes to our diet. The first step is realizing what changes to make. At EPIC we have two upcoming events to help you better understand just that. As part of The School of EPIC Workshop Series we are offering The EPIC Energy which will help you recognize exactly what nutrients your body needs to feel energized and which foods to eat to get those nutrients!

We are also bringing back summer edition of The EPIC30: A Food and Lifestyle Transformation. This month-long program is like a nutrition reset where we get back to basics and learn about how different foods make you feel. As an example - did you know that strawberries and kale can actually be damaging to your health if you have thyroid issues? For one person certain foods can be medicine while another person it can really damage their health. We aim to clear the muddy waters surrounding nutrition. Join us so you can determine what in your diet needs to be changed and how you can change it. We offer tons of nutritions tips, trick, recipes, and one-on-one coaching from our RHN so you feel fully supported in this new learning experience. Get educated and better understand your personal bio-chemical individuality and your needs.

It’s all about what you know. After all, nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated! Feel empowered with the tools and knowledge that seeing an RHN will provide you. You can book a 15-minute consultation call with our resident RHN today!