Don’t let the unknown stand in the way of your longevity and happiness. It’s time to find out what’s holding you back and what’s going right with your body and mind. Stop stressing, stop brushing off discomfort. Assess your physical performance, nutritional habits and mental health with our in-house tools. Knowing your body and mind inside-out will only empower you to continue journey towards your EPIC life!

InBody Analysis (Body Composition Analyzer)

Understanding your body composition allows you to train more effectively and generally improve your health. The InBody machine that we have in-house is only one of two in the Ottawa area. It describes weight more accurately than other BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis method) machines and it can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass and body fat percentage for every part of your body. With this InBody analysis you will be able to see what your body is actually made of (fat, protein, minerals, etc.) in order to better set goals that will help you live a healthier life. It can also give you an accurate assessment of your health profile. Since this machine measure visceral fat, we can see what your health risks are and help you lower your chances of getting sick. Contact us to schedule yours.

Consultation Session with a Holistic Nutritionist

Eating “right” can be confusing, especially when we want to make food choices that are specific to our individual needs. Often times we may know we need this change but we’re not sure where or how to start. By booking a 15-minute consultation with our Registered Holistic Nutritionist you can determine if this is the right path for you. To book your appointment, give us a call or do it online here.

Physiotherapy Bio-Mechanical Check-In

A common misconception is that physiotherapy is just for the injured. While it can certainly help with recovery, physiotherapy is for anyone looking to increase their strength and range of motion while doing so effectively and safely. Plus, one of the greatest benefits of physiotherapy is preventing injuries. Check in with our physiotherapist to see how you can better your body function. To book your appointment, give us a call or do it online here.

Energy Healing Therapy Session

If you feel stuck with your personal mental growth and just not sure how to move forward, this session takes a deep dive into what is truly holding you back and how you can let that go. Energy Healing is basically a massage for your soul – it’s a type of therapy that can help you break away from your thinking patterns and beliefs that may not be true to you. In order to embrace more of the real you and live the life you deserve and desire, it helps to cleanse your soul a little. Energy Healing does just that so you can release old energy patterns and evolve. Through the use of talk therapy, energy clearing, sound therapy and touch, energy healing is multi-faceted and is custom tailored to your needs. Book your session online or give us a call.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Many of us may be dealing with food sensitivities that we don’t even realize. The truth is, not all of our bodies are going to react to specific foods the same way. Bloating, acne, undigested food in stool, mental fog and even headaches can be signs of food sensitivity so it’s important to recognize what your intolerances are and how you can eliminate them to feel your absolute best. You can book a session with our Naturopathic Doctor to request a Food Sensitivity Testing. Book your session online or give us a call.

Movement Assessment

This is our (gluten-free, organic, sprouted, handmade) bread and butter! We’re all about Functional Training and Functional Movement. Did you know that our bodies are anatomically 100% the same from person to person. Our anatomy is designed in a specific way, certain muscles are directly connected to each other and others are not. How we move is essential for our structural and anatomical health. If we are unbalanced, overuse one movement and underuse others - this leads to injury, chronic pain and a decrease in human physical function. We have a specific test designed to see how human you really are. We test 8 exercises that are derived from 4 movements. We can predict your likelihood of injury and teach you how to increase performance by this simple test. No matter what your fitness goals are, this should be the first step. After all, you can’t correct your movement without first knowing what exactly it is you need to improve on. Contact us to schedule yours.

Ready to really understand what’s going on with your body and mind? We truly believe that a healthy life is one of balance, not just physical strength which is why we house clinical services so that healthy living can be as accessible to you as possible!

Why not live #theEPIClife? :)