We had SO much fun with our last workshop series (and we hope you did, too!) that we wanted to do it aaall over again!! Join us this spring for The School of EPIC Workshop Series to gain new knowledge and strategies to excel your training, nutrition, physical and mental health + help you live #theEPIClife.

We will be hosting six more workshops featuring instructors across various fields to share their insight, help you learn a little something and take part in the fun! These workshops are completely FREE for all members and clients + 1 guest and is open to the public for cash donations (of any amount) to our #EPICkids Foundation.

Which are you signing up for? We understand if you can’t decide and do them all ;)


with Catherine Hull on Sunday, May 6 1-2:30pm

Find and align your inspiration + motivation this spring to help fully embrace your true self and your purpose. Catherine is a Certified Energy Healer and can help you invite more joy and peace into your life as you learn effective and easy mindfulness and self-healing tools to break free of old patterns that hold you back.



with Emma Madigan on Wednesday, May 16 7:30-9pm

Discover the best tools and exercises to help improve your mobility and get you moving until your 100s. Emma is a Registered Physiotherapist who will show you that aging doesn’t have to be a painful process. Those aches and pains you attribute to being “old”? Yeah. We don’t buy it- and you don’t have to either.



with Stephanie Karlovits on Wednesday, May 30 7:30-9pm

Learn proper functional warm-ups and specific strength exercises to improve your time and the quality of your runs. You probably recognize Stephanie as she’s the Founder and CEO of EPIC Fitness! She’s looking to share science-based tips and tricks that are relatively unknown even to trainers and enthusiasts.



with Stephen Bierbrier on Sunday, June 10 1-2:30pm

An inspiring journey of finding a passion for the active outdoor lifestyle in his 50s and becoming an Ottawa community fitness cheerleader. Stephen is a familiar and friendly place around EPIC as our Community Leader. Learn why and how he changed his lawyer-by-day lifestyle to becoming one of the most active residents of Ottawa!



with Maranda Carvell on Wednesday, June 13 7:30-9pm

Get your energy back! Learn what foods and supplements your body and mind need to feel EPIC and energetic this summer. Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maranda, can help clarify what, when, and how much to eat to rev up your metabolism and will include her guide with straightforward strategies that will help you feel your best!



with Kerri Morrison-McCabe on Sunday, June 24 1-2:30pm

Move from discomfort and uncertainty to confidence and mobility through Pelvic Floor Therapy. Kerri is a Pelvic Health Specialist who has successfully rehabilitated her own pelvic floor and can help you with yours as well!


Already attended one (or all!) of our workshops in the last series? This is STILL for you! We’ve got new workshop focuses to expand your information base. There’s always something new to learn :)

We can’t wait to see you there!