We know how hard you’ve been working to reach your goals. You’ve pushed yourself, you’ve sweat it out, you’ve shown up when you might not have felt like it, you’ve reached out of your comfort zone- and we applaud you! You’re doing such a great job. We know it’s not easy and believe it or not, we’ve been exactly where you are too.

Living a healthy life is a choice we’ve each committed to, just like you. The reasons why may all be different but not a single one of us has started from the top. We’ve all gone through struggles, hiccups, or obstacles along the way but that’s why we get it. And that’s why we continue to encourage you in considering what’s next? We are proud of you and want you to feel proud too, but the thing about life is that if you’re not progressing, you’re regressing.

Our foundational methods revolve around four main pillars that help you achieve #theEPIClife: Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, connecting to Nature, and Self-Care. More recently we’ve adapted these four pillars to create our EPIC Life Formula:

This formula helps you to ensure your body, mind, and spirit has what it needs to function properly on a daily basis. It is a way for you to sustain your health as you age and it will make sure you are not burning the candle at both ends along your fitness journey. We encourage everyone to put their numbers to the test. (ie. How many hours of training did you have last week? How much time did you spend on self-care yesterday? etc.)

This can help you figure out what’s next. Of course, we want to see you hit all of these numbers every week but we know that it can seem impossible to balance all this and your busy schedule, too. So start small. Is there a particular area you’re struggling in? Start there and find ways you can reach these numbers every day and week. (We have some pretty great suggestions!)

Already hitting most, if not all, of these numbers? AH-MAZE-ING! Great work and keep it up!! Ready to kick it up a notch? How can you be even better? Because you’re super great already, if you didn’t know :)

Now, this is where the “what’s next” notion comes in. When you start to hit those numbers regularly it then becomes about optimizing these habits. Can the quality of your training be better? Just because your moving and you’re doing it doesn’t mean you’re engaging with your body in a way that you are in the present moment. Try to be more present in your workouts and connect with your own body better! Hitting the four cups of healthy fats, greens and fibres? Sweet! (Perhaps “sweet” isn’t exaactly the right term :P) Can you now eat more local products? Organic? Vary up your sources?

As for nature - it’s not just about being outside, a walk at lunch through the concrete jungle isn’t exactly what we mean by nature :) Can you bring more plants into your work space? What about disconnecting the phone and turning off the podcasts when you are outside in nature? What about hearing the birds and the rain for real? For self-care - turn that massage into a meditation massage. What is the sense of a getting a massage if we are still working in our minds? Use the opportunity to focus on your breath, leave the work behind and calm the brain.

There are lots of ways you can step it up to live your best life- #theEPIClife. The thing about this formula is it’s all about being human. We need all of these things just to be functioning human beings so it doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey- this applies to you! We know you can do it, now it’s just a matter of looking ahead and, you guessed it, preparing for what’s next.