We’re all about living #theEPIClife but we are not opposed to incorporating the RAD life within that! If you haven’t tried RAD tools yet- what are you waiting for!? It’s like a targeted massage that you can do entirely on your own and your muscles will be eternally grateful!

RAD Mobility and Massage Tools aid recovery and increase mobility through self-myofascial release (SMR). As a client, you may have heard SMR referred to strictly as foam rolling but it’s not limited to the thick foam logs you’re likely familiar with (and you’ll see why). SMR releases tension in our fascia (tissue that essentially holds our muscles and bones in place) so that we can move more freely.

SMR makes stretching more effective as it helps to lengthen and relax your muscles and tissue plus it keeps your joints aligned. Together, this helps you to stay loose and also reduces soreness or chance of injury since SMR improves your body’s adaptability to the movements you do in your training as well as your everyday life.

There are multiple techniques we use with RAD tools to get your muscle and tissue to relax. Compression means to slowly oscillate on one spot to really zero-in on a pain point to help it relax. Flushing means rolling lengthwise over a muscle to help it recover. And Shearing is to press and pull your tissue (as a corrective measure) with a roller.

Here are the RAD tools we carry and find most useful- and how you can, too!

RAD Roller (Original and Stiff)
image description
This is the most versatile roller since it is able to dig into tougher muscles (like your back or pectorals- especially the Stiff version) but is also soft enough for more sensitive areas like your neck. The Stiff roller is particularly useful for athletes who need a little more intensity or may have built up more tension in their fascia.

image description
The RAD Rod is a tool you may be more familiar with when you think of foam rolling. We love the thin design here as it allows you to fine-tune the pressure you are applying. This Rod keeps you 100% in control so you don’t have to worry about pain even when you’re rolling over more bony areas. Also - it’s so easy to travel with!

RAD Rounds
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These tiny guys pack a BIG punch. Their firmness really helps to break up tension in those hard-to-reach places and since they come in three sizes and densities you really have options to fit the exact problem area you’re dealing with. Use the black on at your desk for your hands - it’s a life-changer!

RAD Helix
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The Helix is designed with your back in mind as its shape is meant to protect your spine while releasing toxins from your body. This will certainly help to increase your range of motion and though its design anatomically fits your back this tool is also useful for your calves, quads, hammies, and hips as well as the tibialis anterior pictured above.

RAD Atom
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The Atom provides high-quality compression for larger muscle groups like your shoulders, glutes or hips. Plus you can pair this with the RAD Rod to get deeper compression or a little more precision in the shearing technique we mentioned earlier.

Rolling is something we recommend for EVERYONE! There is not a single human who wouldn’t benefit from this kind of self-massage. You wouldn’t skip a stretch-sesh during your workout and you should apply the same kind of mentality for your RAD tools- it is just as important! Not only is it essential for our bodies, but rolling is also great for our minds. It can get us prepared for our training session or help us release stale energy and toxins trapped in our tissues (endorphin release).

To shop our RAD tools roll on by 230 Beechwood Ave (sorry, couldn’t resist) and we’ll get you set-up with what your body needs to feel and function at its best.