Ready for us to throw another tongue twister at you? Actually, this one isn’t too bad and we’re extra excited to introduce it to you since we’ve created this product under our own brand. Here’s the latest from the EPIC product line: L-Glutamine.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid, more specifically, it’s the most abundant amino acid in your blood and your body uses it a LOT! Our muscles use it as a source of food in order to help muscles recover and strengthen. The more we workout, the harder we train, the more L-Glutamine our bodies need.

While training, L-Glutamine is especially critical in the conditioning phase and the hypertrophy phase. During these phases your training becomes more intense (but for different reasons). While our conditioning phase increases your lactate threshold (the time it takes for you to feel the burn), the hypertrophy phase purposely breaks down muscle tissue so it can grow the fibres (gainz). In both phases the amount of work you fit into your session time will increase and therefore require you to be smarter about how you recover. As a good rule of thumb, if it takes you more than 48 hours to recover from your workout usually nutrition and poor supplementation is to blame. Especially if you are working out regularly. Making sure you have adequate and high quality proteins in your diet and L-Glutamine is essential. For our suggestions on what you should start with, click here. L-Glutamine can be added to any protein powder, shake or smoothie post-workout to improve recovery time and minimize soreness. You can even mix it into a dairy-free coconut kefir, coconut yogurt or oats - it’s tasteless!

While traditionally people would use L-Glutamine specifically for maintaining strong and healthy muscles, scientists have found even more health benefits! Not only does it increase recovery time and support muscle growth, but L-Glutamine strengthens the immune system and decreases risk of sickness or disease. During times of illness our bodies use L-Glutamine in excess to prevent further infections from creeping in.

This amino acid is also a vital nutrient for our intestines to rebuild and repair. It is great for our gut health, and of course, we need our guts to be happy. It helps to heal ulcers and “leaky gut,” a condition that causes intestine walls to be damaged allowing undigested food particles to seep into the bloodstream. L-Glutamine also balances mucus production which sounds a little gross but results in healthy BMs.

L-Glutamine is also an essential neurotransmitter so it helps to improve memory and concentration. It is a precursor to other amino acids that serve the brain and central nervous system allowing our bodies to handle not only physical stress but mental stress more efficiently. This prevents fatigue and enhances mental performance. It also aids in proper sleep (since it reduces ammonia levels in neural pathways and the bloodstream) which of course boosts energy and cognitive function.

Our brand of L-Glutamine is a Naturopathic-grade product. It is Health Canada certified and we only use a few really high-quality ingredients to get a clean product that maximizes its benefits and effects. We recommend L-Glutamine for anyone who wants to live an overall healthier life but especially for those who take their training seriously. Your body, and in particular your muscles, need it in order to get the most out of your workouts.

You can ask a member of the EPIC staff for even more details and start that improved muscles recovery here.