What I like most about EPIC’s approach to training is the innovative combination of periodization with the range of motion/flexibility. This was important to me as I wanted to continue traditional exercises while at the same time
improving my flexibility. 

Justin’s continuously upbeat attitude and positive energy make it enjoyable to come in for a workout. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in strength training have led to significant improvements in my body composition. The most significant improvement I’ve noticed is the inches I’ve taken off my belly. Equally surprising and awesome is the fact that I was able to take a few inches off my belly in a few months with proper nutrition and exercise. Yes, you read that correctly, a few inches in a few months! Through Justin’s expertise and attention to detail in nutrition, supplementation, and training we’ve achieved amazing results. A testament to his character, Justin consistently
strives to ensure his clients reach their goals. Thank you, Justin, for everything, looking forward to the next workout and some impressive gains at the next evaluation!
-Steve Barfoot

Working with Steve has been undeniably amazing. His consistent and focused work ethic has brought him remarkable physical results, and I am constantly moved by his dedication to becoming the best version of himself. Steve has actively built in new lifestyle habits, including a more active approach to eating a more plant-based diet. He has also strived hard to make positive changes in his well-being with better self-care. As a result, his energy and focus during training sessions have soared to notable heights. Steve’s experience at EPIC is proof that when you open yourself to new challenges and are willing to expand your mental capability, there is much greatness you can achieve. In reflection of his journey, I am wholly grateful to work with someone who chases #theEPIClife in a significant way.
-Justin Thiboutot