Bryan and I have both been active since we were kids, we love being outside and participating in sports whenever we can. Working out has always been a big part of my life and Bryan has been physically active working on a farm for most of his youth. A few years ago we started going to the gym together. We tried various workouts on our own but we found ourselves struggling to see any positive results. One day, after my Ultimate Frisbee game, a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to start seeing a personal trainer to improve her fitness. It was a light bulb moment for me and I thought, “Why don’t we try that??”

I honestly picked EPIC for it’s close proximity to my home and work. I was nervous when I went in for my first assessment but the welcoming and positive atmosphere quickly washed away any of my prior apprehension. Bryan and I were paired up with Kathleen as a trainer, who I can best describe as a giant ball of energy in a tiny yet muscular package! (Even at 7am … )

We started doing 3 one hour sessions per week. It wasn’t always easy and some days we woke up feeling like we were hit by a truck, but the results were quick to come. It really is amazing how much change can happen by giving 3 hours a week to yourself. I remember after 3 months of training with Kathleen I was excited to show her how baggy my pants were … and within 4 months I was back in the skinny jeans that I had originally set aside to donate! Bryan too was noticing big changes, his clothes were seeming larger (not as exciting for a guy who doesn’t like to shop), his muscles were becoming more defined, his posture had improved and the numbers on the scale were dropping.

We also noticed a huge shift in our eating habits, we were more conscious of our meal choices because we knew Kathleen would inevitably be asking, “So what did you have for breakfast and lunch today??” It has been just over a year since we started our journey with Kathleen and we can honestly say that she is the reason we keep coming back. She makes working out FUN, and everyone knows, that’s not an easy task! She knows exactly how to motivate people and that different people require different approaches. In our case, she knows that Bryan and I are competitive with each other, so why not have a race to see who can be the fastest or hold the position longest?? We love it!

No matter how difficult our day at work may have been, going to EPIC and working out with Kathleen allows us to decompress and refocus on ourselves, even if it is just for an hour. Not only have we noticed big changes in our appearances but our overall mood and athletic performances have improved! We both love to curl and I’m an avid Ultimate Frisbee player. Our strength and endurance are far greater than they ever have been and it shows in our respective sports. We can honestly say that making the decision to walk into EPIC last year was one of the best decisions that either of us have ever made and we are so excited to see what “fun” stuff Kathleen has prepared for us to do in the future!!

Tanya & Bryan