As the New Year approaches many of you might be starting to think about what you can do to make 2018 your year. While some may roll their eyes at the idea of a New Year’s Resolutions, we feel that taking the time to reflect on the past year and doing some form of goal setting is important to set you up for success. The health of our bodies, mind and spirit is something that we cannot ignore, although we may try. The new year offers a great time for reflection and research on what may be the next best step to take care of your health and fitness in the year ahead. And of course, we are here to help you along the way whether it be obtaining new knowledge, creating a strategy for you or helping you execute your goals. Learn more from our best practices for the resolutions we hear most about.


We love to hear that people want to make a conscious effort to eat more whole and healthy foods. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that this can be a big lifestyle change and it can be difficult to make alone. Where do you start? Well, gazing at those foodie blogs for inspiration, research and tips may not be a waste of time after all. Inspiration is a big component and catalyst to motivation. It’s a great start. There are lots of resources available to teach you the more intricate details and benefits about different fruits, veggies, spices and proteins, as well as amazing and tasty combinations of various ingredients. Organizing yourself and your meals is key; get creative by preparing weekly meal plans, always go grocery shopping with a list and actually stick to it, make a habit of trying new recipes on a regular basis. Seeing a Holistic Nutritionist can also be a helpful way to learn how to change your diet so see results specific to your body’s needs. Not sure what foods are best for you? Consider having a food sensitivity test done by a Naturopathic Doctor first to see if some of your favourite foods are actually making you sluggish and sick. Eating healthfully not only helps with weight loss and physical changes but can help if your goal is to have more energy or mood regulation, too. After all, eating healthier doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice taste and deliciousness!


We’ve already noted above that eating healthier is a major contributor if you want to have more energy. A Holistic Nutritionist can help you focus on foods that convert to energy more slowly so you are supplied with energy throughout the day. Of course, an increase in exercise helps with gaining energy too. Getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing releases endorphins that not only make you feel happier but more energetic as well. Setting and following a sleeping schedule is extremely important, as it allows us to get a sufficient amount of sleep on a regular basis, and to avoid sleep deprivation and sleep debt. Make a goal to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. The first few days or weeks will be hard, but consistency has to become your best friend here. Practices like Naturopathy can also be useful as it can zero in on your exact symptoms to find the best natural and balanced solution for you. Naturopathy promotes wellness by using natural, non-toxic therapies to restore physical or psychological balance. Some people may suffer from a significant hormone imbalance and not even know it, which can cause you to feel tired and weak. Talking to a Naturopath can help solve the energy loss issues and set your hormone balance. Our upcoming Nutrition program, No Plateau - 30 Day Hormone-Balancing Nutrition Program, focuses on just that to help you gain long-term solutions to your recover your confidence, energy, and brain power!


The holidays can be a stressful time of year so we often see people entering the new year looking for an escape. Meditation is a practice to help you calm your busy brain. It not only reduces stress but allows you to be more assertive and decisive. It helps to start by simply finding a quiet place for 5 to 10 minutes every day to close your eyes, breathe naturally and focus on your breath. When you’re ready, take the leap to a full meditation class where you will be guided in your practice for a longer period of time. Massage Therapy is also a great way to quickly see some stress relief as the results from a massage are typically immediate. Different kinds of yoga classes as well are designed specifically to reduce stress, anxiety and clear your mind. We have also found that getting outdoors and connecting with nature helps to stir a sense of renewal and relaxation. Afterall, walking is the defining movement of humans.


If you’re looking to lift more in 2018, we can guarantee you’re not alone. This is a resolution we often hear about when the new year is approaching. Using a Personal Trainer can be incredibly effective in seeing these results as quickly as possible since a trainer not only ensures that a program is designed specifically to meet your goals but there is also an accountability with a trainer that will keep you from skipping sessions. Joining fitness classes or getting a regular gym membership are also great ways to meeting this goal and encourage you to hold yourself accountable. But remember, no matter how hard you are training, establishing a proper diet is vital to your success. Personal trainers will often provide you with few tips and tricks, as well as professional nutritionists can assist you with creating a perfect meal plan to ensure you are receiving necessary nutrients.


In the fitness industry, this is likely the most common resolution we hear from clients. If losing weight is your goal we find that taking a four-prong approach is most beneficial. Yes, working out and increasing your exercise is an important part of losing weight but to effectively meet this goal, you will also have to take your nutrition into consideration. Second to these two are nature and self-care. We need access to outdoors (yes, even in the winter time) and have self-care rituals like bedtime reading, massage therapy, yoga, and proper sleep. There is a reason why we have four pillars of EPIC Fitness - Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature and Self-Care. We need all of these 4 areas in balance for our bodies and minds to move in the right direction. When attaining balance, this goal not only becomes easier to meet but to maintain! Again, here is where personal training can be a big step forward: having someone by your side guiding you towards your goals helps to hold you accountable to them and to yourself.


Living with chronic pain is not easy. Whether it’s your back, knees, shoulders or feet there is no better time to address these issues than right now. Seeing a Physiotherapist is such an effective way to say goodbye to your aches and pains, and feel more comfortable in your own body. Not only will physio help with relieving pain but helps you to feel more mobile, corrects your posture, improves stiffness and increases endurance.

We encourage setting goals all year round, not just when a new year is approaching, however, there is no time to start like the present! If there is a goal you want to reach is 2018 share it with us! We’d love to see how we can help you live your potential.