I have been training with EPIC for the last two and one-half years and couldn’t be happier with the results we have seen. I have lost a lot of bad weight (fat) and am very happy with the muscle weight we are developing. My diet has also turned around dramatically to meet up with my food intolerances. My last few months I have been training with Justin Thiboutot after my original trainer moved on to other endeavors. After my first two years, things were going well but, to be honest, I was feeling that I had plateaued with my training. The plateau was at a very good place when considering my starting point and my goals. I was really simply maintaining where I was. Justin came in and we did an evaluation of how I was performing and he seemed truly excited about what we could do together. He has brought many different dynamic exercises and terrific building exercises. Over just my last six weeks we were able to add a full two inches of muscle just to my chest! As well as building the rest of my body. I am back to feeling the way I did when I first came to Epic and look forward to the year to come to see what we can accomplish together.
Thank you very much, Justin, for your efforts as well as you great enthusiasm while working with me. My deepest appreciation for what you do,

  • Bill Lennips

Working with Bill has been a genuinely exciting and rewarding experience. His enthusiasm for training is both infectious and inspiring! Bill has committed himself to improving consistently, and his training at EPIC has helped him build tremendous willpower and inner confidence. He has also grown happier and improved his well-being outside the gym.

As a long time client, it was clear Bill was in need of some greater advancements in his training program. I strived to challenge him with my innovative and creative exercises, and he always approaches them with real positivity and a strong focus. To witness Bill’s growth and development first hand, I am wholly grateful to train someone who lives the Epic life day to day.

  • Justin Thiboutot