Studies show that working out with a partner can have many benefits. We just want people to exercise no matter what and have no excuses- especially if there are friends around that can help out! These moves actually give you a really good workout. They might be a little harder than you anticipate but they are loads of fun! Check them out below or see them enacted in our CTV Ottawa Morning Live segment:

Pushup Variation

  1. One person lies on their back with their arms up and knees bent. The second person stands over their partner, holding and putting weight on their hands.
  2. Person standing does a pushup holding their partner’s hands as low as they can.
  3. When the person standing has completed their pushup, the person on the ground does a reverse pushup bending and then straightening their arms (and simultaneously lowering and rising their partner).

For this one, it’s very important to make sure your core is tight and arms are locked when they are straight to support both your own weight and the weight of your partner.


  1. One person sits on the ground while the other stands facing them with either leg on the outside of their partners.
  2. The person standing gets into a semi-squat position while the person sitting lifts their arms up and into a basket-like shape.
  3. The person standing holds onto their partner’s “basket arms” and rows, lifting their partner up off the ground.
  4. To switch, the person sitting grabs the hand of the person standing and with straight legs pulls him or herself up, making this an anterior pull.

You can make this one more difficult by changing your weight. When the person sitting has bent knees and digs their heels into the ground, it is easier for the person standing to row. If the person sitting straightens their legs, it makes them heavier adding a level of difficulty for the rower.

Cardio + Core

  1. One person gets into the plank position. The other person jumps overtop.
  2. The person in the plank position moves into downward dog and the person who jumped crawls under.
  3. Repeat and then switch.

This one is super fun! Plus it kicks up the cardio if you end up getting in a few laughs.

Ham Curl

  1. One person kneels with their back nice and straight. The other person gets into a side-plank with their legs overtop the person kneeling’s calves.
  2. The person kneeling leans forward with their arms ready to catch themselves and in a controlled manner falls forward into a pushup and pushes themselves back up.

This might sound like an arms exercise but it’s actually great for hamstrings and core. When you finish one rep, the person in the plank can turn to plank on the other side for the next rep or you can switch spots.

Don’t be scared to use your own creativity and come up with fun exercises you can do with your friends. It’s okay if they don’t always work out (haha- get it?), you can always go back to the drawing board or take inspiration from the exercises above.