Our Beechwood Ave. Group Class Schedule has been announced!

Choose from 26 classes each week to build your EPIC life. Our classes are focused on functional movement and self-care – 2 of the 4 pillars of our foundational teaching: #theEPIClife. 11 different classes to inspire you and to move you.

From Yogi Flow which is a standard Hatha Yoga Class to our EPIC HIIT which is a quick 30 min high intensity interval cardio training class, to Animal Flow which involves crawling and breath work – we have you covered.

Taught by fully trained and certified functional trainers, yoga instructors and movement instructors – these classes are high calibre and scientifically proven to align your body, get your mind right and inspire you to achieve greatness in all areas of your life.

Our official start date has not yet been announced, expect an announcement within next 7 days. Class and membership costs will be announced soon as well. Pre-sales open Monday November 6th and stay open for ONE WEEK ONLY! Visit www.epicfitnessottawa.com for our pre-sales options on Monday.

Get exclusive discounts, be part of the magic first. Now is the perfect time to set your goals, align yourself with where you want to be mentally and physically and execute week to week with us.

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Description of class types are below:

This is an intense, “get in and get out” cardio class. Rotate from our amazing self-propelled assault treadmills to our authentic water rowers to our “give back to the grid” spin bikes. In between these 1 minute cardio bursts get your heart rate low to recover to do it all over again. This class is only 30 mins, but your results will last ALL DAY. Lean out your body and/or increase your endurance in this class. *be aware music in this class may be explicit

This is a 50-min traditional Hatha class. Move your yoga movements to your breath, build up some heat and then cool down. Build up resilience, feel the stress melt away, get centered, evolve your practice. This class is for all levels. It’s the perfect way to start or end your day.

Want that #insta yoga body? Dreaming about fluid, strong movements that lead to one-handed tree pose, wounded peacock, monkey side-plank or lotus legs? Build up your practice – sweat, get inspired and get to work. This class will make you hot. 50 mins.

Got aches or pains? Is a part of your body in the way of your goals? Through myofascial release with tune up balls, specific stretches and specific postural adjustments make your body your friend rather than foe. 50 mins.

50% cardio HIIT, 50% strength HIIT – this class covers your need to move fast and lift. With low weights and high reps using bands, balls, kettlebells, body-weight movements and cardio training – this class will help you increase functional strength while you lean out. This class is a great stress-eliminator. 50 mins.

Get back to your body. Move like an animal. A cross between judo, yoga and parkour, this movement class is all about helping you to move properly. Sit all day? This class is for YOU. 50 mins

If you are part of #movementculture, this class is for you. For those that get excited to test their limits, get inspired by gymnastics bodies and are passionate about movement progression this is an advanced class that will lead to handstands, levers, handstand presses, frog stands and more. Inspired by FRC and Ido Portal movement principles– this class will test and progress you. 50 mins.

A traditional Yin class, we hold postures for 3-5 mins for that extra stretch and use candles to get you in that cozy mood. Repair and rejuvenate connective tissue, calm your mind and attain flexibility at an envious rate with this class. 50 mins

This is the closest to sleep that you can get to in a class without napping. Scientifically designed, this class uses specific postures and yoga props to get you instantly relaxed and into your parasympathetic nervous system. Restore your immune system, melt away the week away and indulge in some serious self-care with this class. 50 mins.

Calm that busy brain, learn how to meditate with the guidance of a qualified instructor. Meditation has been proven to not only reduce stress, but allow us to be more decisive, assertive and allow us to be more efficient with our time. Misplace your things a lot? Do you struggle with knowing if you are on the right path or not? Want to attain a level of existence beyond the ordinary? Come to class. 50 mins.

New to Yoga? No sweat. Learn the basics and practice them. See progression week to week in this simple, gradual class. Yoga is a powerful tool for health, wellness and vitality. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Join in on the movement. 50 mins.

Choose from a class-only membership, a full-gym + class membership, 10, 15 and 20 class packages or drop-in (prices to be announced soon).

#forthekidsFridays are our new initiative that will be announced in the next week - classes are all $10 cash, ALL proceeds go to our #EPICKids foundation. Stay tuned for details on this initiative.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for updates on workshops, programs, community hikes, personal training and more!

See you soon!

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