September is a month of productivity. We are returning to school, work and our normal routines
which means hunching over our desks, phones and other devices. We’re going to find ourselves
in this position a lot more than we should be so we need to undo it.

This position means we have internally rotated shoulders, we have a tight chest and tight hip
flexors. When we’re in a seated position our knees never pass our toes shortening our
hamstrings and enabling an inactive core and glute.

To be in the true anatomical position (think the Vitruvian Man) we want an external rotation of
the shoulder. They should stack over the hip bone, the hip overtop the knee and the knee
overtop the ankle. This is where our body feels it’s best.

So how do we get this neutral position without forcing it? Check out these exercises below! And
watch our segment on CTV Ottawa Morning Live to see these exercises in action:

Bulgarian Split Squat:
1. Stand in front of a chair with left leg reaching back to rest toes on the chair.
2. Reach hands out in front.
3. Squat on standing leg, leaning slightly forward so your knee passes your toes.
4. After full set on right foot, switch and repeat.

This exercise opens up the hip flexor and keeps the core nice and tight. When squatting drive
your weight through the heel of your standing foot. If this variation is too difficult you can work
your way up to it by using a small step instead of a chair.

Anterior Reach
1. Stand on your right foot.
2. Bend at the hip, reaching your left fingers to your right foot.
3. After full set on right foot, switch and repeat.

When you reach down to your toes allow your bent leg to extend behind you for balance and to
lengthen the hamstring. As an alternative, you can reach for your knee instead and it will still
open up the hamstring and activate the glutes.

Crab Reach
1. Sit on the ground with knees bent at a 45-degree angle.
2. Place your hands behind you with your fingers facing away from your bum.
3. Take your right arm and swing it around to the left side of your body while pushing your feet into
the ground and pushing up onto your left hand.
4. Extend your right arm over your head.
5. Bring your right hand back to the ground and switch.

With this movement we are externally rotating the shoulders, extending the hip and opening up
the chest. It is very good for shoulder stabilization as well.

Lateral Superman
1. Lie face-down on the ground with one leg bent and out to the side.
2. Place your hands at your sides with your thumbs up.
3. Reach your right fingers to your right toes, then your left fingers to your left toes.
4. Repeat.

This exercise might look a little awkward but it’s much more functional than a regular Superman
and it works the entire core.

Bird Dog Limb Lift
1. Start on your hands and knees.
2. Put weight on your toes lifting your knees slightly off the ground.
3. Reach your right hand to your left shoulder.
4. Put right hand back on the ground and switch.

This last exercise activates the core and keep the hips tight. It is great for those who have to sit
for long periods of time during the day since it gets the body used to activating the core in a
position similar to the seated position.