I joined EPIC Fitness in Sept. 2016 when a friend recommended both the gym and her personal trainer there, Marissa.

At EPIC, they have a holistic approach to overall health. Marissa, and all the other trainers, are very well educated in all areas of health (not to mention hard working and dedicated). I have a great respect for the facility, the entire staff and the ambiance they have created there. As an added bonus, everyone has a great sense of humour!! Laughter has played a big role in my experience there!!

Even though I joined EPIC with a variety of physical limitations (as well as being 64 years old!), Marissa met the challenges I presented to her. As I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and these challenges can be considerable some days.

Marissa is always attentive to my level of pain and energy. Some days I feel unable to do anything but with Marissa’s help and understanding I accomplish a lot.

Chronic depression is my third challenge as it can render me pretty depleted of all that is good in life. Marissa talks about the power of movement, healthy eating, being in nature, positive thinking, prioritizing and life balance.

Since I joined EPIC, my life living with fibromyalgia, depression and chronic fatigue has become more manageable. Depressive episodes seem less dark and less frequent. My energy level is still very low but a big improvement from a year ago. My chronic pain is less severe and I have learned how to relax, to stretch, and to accept my pain as real. All of this provides valuable insight and a great sense of hope for me.

When asked how I felt one day, I heard myself say, “I feel strong”. No one was more surprised than myself with this answer.

So it’s pretty obvious that I am happy that I joined EPIC. I attribute my successes in large, to Marissa.
In closing, I will describe a few of Marissa’s qualities:


Thanks EPIC!
Thanks Marissa!

-Connie O’Connor-Duff