I am a skeptic by nature. Whenever presented with a powder or a pill that promises results I usually doubt it. I like to dig into ingredients, read the research and then make my decision.

I take my role as a health and fitness advisor to my clients and the community very seriously. I like to consider not only the ingredients of a product, but also the psychological and spiritual implications that a product will have on an individual (yes, spiritual, it’s a thing).

Ever since multi-level marketing schemes started gaining popularity in the fitness industry, I started getting interested in supplements. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for positive reasons, it was because my personal training clients were being lured into taking and selling products that promoted fast weight loss and transformation.

I am a crusader kind of trainer.

I believe in doing things the right way; the way that garners longevity, self-discovery and positive habit development. I know the quick stuff doesn’t have sustainability which results in people getting excited, trying the program or product, results happen and then they get bored, they feel deprived and they gain all the weight back and what’s worse is they lose more and more SELF ESTEEM.

I knew intuitively that that these companies selling these products were bogus, but I needed facts. So, I dived in, researched the ingredients on the back of the products, dived into their business model, their programming and where the products were manufactured.

Sure enough, pipe dreams, lies and a really, crappy product was under the veil of excitement, attractive sales people with perfect teeth and the glamour and hope of bonuses like a vacation or a new car.

From there, when I went on to open EPIC Fitness, what we provided to clients on the shelves had to be top notch. I researched again different product lines and made some tough decisions, one being a much lower profit margin, but a better product.

We’ve tested different kinds of proteins over the years. A few were great on paper, but tasted like crap. Some tasted great, but had an ingredient in it that I wasn’t happy with.

So, this year when the opportunity arose to manufacture and formulate our own supplement line, after lots of research and scouting out the manufacturers more than they would have liked, I jumped.

Et voila, EPIC Protein was born.

The manufacturer we decided to go with is Straterra, Ottawa based with a Doctor of Neuroscience, Biological Sciences Specialist and Holistic Nutritionist at the helm. They are as dogmatic as I am about quality and the client experience as well as performance and flavour.

Our partnership is an exciting one. Being able to take feedback from our clients directly to them to switch, change and better our formula is something that is so valuable and exciting.

We’re not stopping at protein, we have fish oil, probiotics, BCAAs and Creatine in the works and I can assure you they will be top quality as well.

What specifically makes our protein so great?

We chose organic brown rice protein as the base. Why? It’s vegan which means it is inclusive for all, it is organic which means stricter growing and harvesting guidelines straight from the source, and brown rice is the most hypo-allergenic protein compound on the market. We find people have a hard time digesting pea, cranberry and even
hemp more than brown rice. Also, sticking with one source of protein seems to be easier on the digestive system which means more of the protein is absorbed into the body.

Only 3 grams of carbs, natural flavouring which is simply vanilla bean extract or cocoa for our chocolate version and lastly, 26 grams of protein, this is high for a vegan protein.

We are so thrilled to offer this to our clients and to the community. If you would like to try it, you can purchase it in-store or below. We know you won’t be disappointed!