Our clients come to EPIC to live an EPIC life, not just to lose 10lbs. We’ve got the functional training down pat, but we wanted to expose our clients to other amazing products and services that can help them live a more EPIC life. We turned to Ottawa and asked, “Who can we partner with for the sake of our client’s holistic health and wellness?” Ottawa answered enthusiastically.

PRESENTING: The EPIC Community Partners Program

Clients who purchase 36 sessions or more, clients who have purchased 36 sessions or more and/or clients who have an active gym membership are all automatically enrolled in this program!

Starting April 1st you can enjoy discounts and perks at SAABOON, velofix Ottawa, Pure Kitchen, Bushtukah, and truLocal by showing your EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle key tag with your special Community Partners Program sticker!

All of these businesses support our four pillars: Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, Nature and Universal/Self-Care. They can help you move towards your EPIC goals by providing an excellent product or service that fits in any one of these categories.

Stay tuned for our full launch April 1st and special instructions on how you can get your sticker to start enjoying the benefits of living #theEPIClife!

We believe everything’s better within a community and we are honoured to have community partners that are grass-roots, innovative, community-focused and fun.

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