Are your regular nutrition habits enough?

Embarking on a new journey of health and wellness can put demands on your body; demands that your body is not used to. Changing your diet will assist your body in getting the nutrients you need to sustain your new fitness lifestyle, but is it enough? Even if we were to eat perfectly clean, to our individual metabolic type, local and organic, there would still be nutritional gaps. By taking in supplements we can help support our healthy diet and aid our body in obtaining the results we crave. Four supplements that will help you kick start your body as you dive deeper into your fitness challenges are fish oils, a probiotic, a multi-vitamin and protein. These supplements together can increase your muscle gain and strength especially for those individuals looking for increased performance in their sport.

Fish Oil

Thorne’s Fish Oils is one of the most crucial supplements your body needs while living an active lifestyle. Not only is it lubricating for your joints, it helps to increase muscle recovery times, your reflex coordination and it is essential for maintaining health cardiovascular functions. With perks such as increased cognitive health and aiding in fat loss, fish oils should be a staple supplement in your home.


Floramend Prime Probiotic should be your first step towards better guttural and intestinal health. It is a blend of stable, human-strain probiotics that are dairy-free and contains the three essential strains of probiotics: Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Bifidobacterium longum. This product can aid in waist circumference with the help of L. gasseri can provide specific probiotics to support a healthy weight.


Multi Encap is Thorne’s vegetarian multi-vitamin. Taking a multi-vitamin can increase your energy levels, help balance your body’s intake of supplements and minerals and well as maintain muscle strength. With Thorne’s belief that their products “should contain all the essential nutrients they achieve this by using the purest, most bioavailable raw materials – those without unnecessary additives and preservatives. This ensures that each individuals outcomes will be optimized.”


Protein is a fundamental supplement for all who work-out on a regular basis. Protein can aid in weight loss by making you feel full, can help to repair muscle more quickly and it is essential for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet. We offer two protein powders for different diets: New Zealand Whey protein sourced from Vancouver and Sunwarrior, a vegan protein made from a combination of pea, cranberry and hemp protein. Try a chocolate protein for those people who still crave a sweet treat!

We carry Naturopathic-Grade supplements hand-picked by Stephanie Karlovits from Canadian suppliers when possible. The products are high performing ingredients that are not artificial. Clients who start with these four supplements see better results including: better endurance, a decrease in recovery time and an increase in strength and overall well-being.

Complement your training and self-investment with high quality nutrition choices and high quality supplements. With these things optimal living is within your reach!

*When you purchase personal training at EPIC Fitness get these four supplements in a starter pack with a 15% off discount within your first week of training. For everyone else - you get 10% off when purchased together.

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