In 2009, I was nominated for Fitness Manager of the Year, which was a huge deal. I had worked 60-hour weeks for 12 months solid, hit every single sales target, and serviced as many personal training clients as I could. It was extremely exhilarating… and extremely hard!

When I got the email from my boss saying, “You have been nominated for the Fitness Manager of the Year award across 300 fitness clubs Canada-wide … ” I thought, “Oh my God, I’ve made it! I am HERE!”

But, when I sat at the awards ceremony and saw my name on the big screen, I didn’t feel any of the things that I thought I would feel. It was disturbing for me, but I just ignored my reaction and set forth to work my butt off again the next year, of course, thinking that I just didn’t try hard enough. After another extremely difficult year of striving to reach new heights as a Fitness Manager, I was nominated again for Fitness Manager of the Year across even more fitness clubs this time! I was 24 years old, had cracked $100,000 in personal income, was nominated AGAIN for Fitness Manager of the Year having no formal management training! And still, I felt nothing.

This experience, the experience of achieving a major goal and once it’s been achieved, not feeling any of the feelings that were imagined, has been so interesting to me. Why? Because I found out that I was not alone in experiencing this. People are finishing marathons, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, buying new cars and their dream homes, moving states and moving cross-country, finding new partners and at the end of it all, as they drive off the lot, go to sleep next to their new partner, walk through their dream house, they are STILL not fulfilled.

I saw this with my clients, too. They would lose 50 lbs and still feel unhappy; or they would gain all this muscle and still feel dissatisfied and unaffected. This phenomenon has been enlightening for me, and the work I’ve put into figuring out how to avoid it, has really changed my life.

I realized that I need to set goals that are not only important, but ALSO fulfilling. Now, I’ve learned how to get clear on why I’m choosing the goals I’m choosing, and to make sure I know what I need in order to feel fulfilled at the finish line. This is why on January 7th I’m kicking off the my first ever 21-Day Resolution Rehab program! I want to share my knowledge and share what I have practiced for the past few years: goal-setting and finding happiness within each goal.

Let’s make 2017 exactly how you imagine it to be! Let’s make sure every goal you put down on paper, every picture that you put on your vision board, really matters and they are the right choices for you! You deserve to feel accomplished AND happy.

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21-Day Resolution Rehab
January 7 to 28, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions are going to Rehab!

Do you resist New Year’s Resolutions because the goals you set never seemed to stick OR, have you accomplished great things, but tend to feel unfulfilled once your goal is complete?

Join Stephanie Karlovits, Owner of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle, 13-year Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and Psychology-trained veteran for a 21-Day program that will help you learn about yourself, dive into your vision and help you live optimally throughout 2017!

You will receive:

• Unlimited coaching and mentoring from Stephanie
• Educational materials
• Program resources and handouts
• Specific direction for YOU
• Vision board materials and guidance

Do you have big goals and dreams and want to make sure they flourish in 2017? This program is for you!

The full 21-Day Resolution Rehab runs from Saturday, January 7th to Saturday January 28 th and can be done online only or in-person. Prices starting at $99 + tax.

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