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The New Zealand Whey ISOLATE is designed for Active Individuals, Seniors, and Lacto-Vegetarians.

New Zealand whey comes from New Zealand. Why is that significant? In New Zealand there are strict guidelines on how cattle is raised and how whey is processed. There are absolutely NO antibiotics, growth hormones or other medications used on the cattle, they are free-range and are grass-fed instead of corn or wheat fed. This makes New Zealand whey top notch and the best option for protein powder consumption.

The Isolate formula only uses Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) processing, which results in a 100% undenatured whey protein product. Isolated whey also yields a high percentage of protein (90%) and contains NO Fat or Lactose. It is rapidly absorbed by the body because it’s water soluble, making it ideal for Athletes and Seniors who break down muscle proteins at a quick rate. It will also benefit Lacto-Vegetarians who could be lacking protein in their diet.

This unique formulation contains a full range of biologically active proteins that play a major role in antioxidant production (Glutathione precursors), RNA and DNA repair, improved liver function and red blood cell production, the binding and safe removal of heavy metals, wound healing, growth of new muscle and the support of various immune functions.

What’s in other types of protein powder?

There’s more than just whey in that giant tub you’re getting from the supermarket or other gyms. Check the ingredients list of your protein powder – it should only contain 3-4 ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, it isn’t the best choice for your body. Working out produces enough by-product for your body to work through, let’s not consume more post-workout. 

Why protein powder? 

Whey protein isn’t just the fuel of big-bodied muscle heads. Don’t get us wrong, if you’re getting good quality workouts in and sticking to a diet full of lean protein, fiber- and vitamin-rich veggies and fruits, and good-quality carbs, and still not seeing the results you want, whey protein will help you gain greater results. But that’s not the only reason it should be a part of your daily routine. We narrowed down the top six health benefits
tucked away in your tub of whey.
Lose fat and preserve muscle
Have you reduced your caloric intake hoping to shed some flab? If so, you might be interested to learn that researchers in Minnesota conducted a 12-week study where subject’s daily caloric intake was reduced by 500 calories. They then gave some participants whey and the rest were given an isocaloric mix beverage. Those consuming whey lost a significantly greater amount of body fat (6.1% total) and better preserved their muscles.
Increase size and strength
Hitting the gym hard hoping to make strength gains? Researchers at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, took 19 men performing resistance training over a 10-week period and gave some of them 14 grams of whey and casein protein along with 6 grams of free amino acids, while giving the rest a 20-gram placebo. Those who consumed the whey had greater increases in fat-free mass and muscle strength. The key is to follow the example of the study and consume whey one hour before and after the exercises. 

Reduce hunger 

Hungry? Whey could help you reduce hunger and avoid developing a bowling ball-shaped physique. Australian researchers had 28 obese men consume four different drinks. Those who consumed the beverage containing 50 grams of whey had significantly reduced levels of ghrelin (a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry) up to four hours later. So instead of munching on unhealthy party snacks, drink a protein shake beforehand.

Fight cancer
Cancer is a lethal lottery that’s touched far too many family trees. Fortunately, there are
ways to protect against it. One way is to get regular screenings for the specific type of cancer that may run in your family. Various studies have also concluded that whey protein may help in the fight against some common forms of cancer including prostate and colon. If you’re at risk, remember to get screened, listen to the advice of
your medical professionals, and consider including whey protein in your diet. 

Coping with stress 

Are you feeling stressed? Don’t even think about reaching for liquor or junk food because studies conducted in the Netherlands appear to have found a far better alternative for those vulnerable to stress. Researchers put 58 subjects through experimental stress and found that those who consumed whey protein experienced fewer symptoms of depression and seemed in a better mood than those who did not. They concluded that there were likely changes in the brain serotonin. Instead of drowning your sorrows in booze, opt for a refreshing whey protein shake.
Improved immune system
Want to improve your immune system? University of Alberta researchers found that male subjects involved in strenuous aerobic activity suffered from significantly reduced glutathione levels that could impact on such things as the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems. However, they also discovered that by supplementing with whey protein, the subjects experienced a significantly lesser reduction in glutathione levels. If you like extended cardio sessions, but don’t want to risk a reduction of glutathione levels, combat those effects with whey. 

Overall body function 

Every single cell in our body is comprised of protein. We need protein in our diet in order

to restore, replenish and build our body to be strong on the inside and outside. Fatigued? Does it take you longer than 48 hrs to recovery post workout? Check your protein quantities, you may be lacking protein in your diet. A good quality protein powder makes protein more accessible, easy to ingest and a surefire way to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts and your nutrition. 

EPIC Fitness chooses to carry the Ergogenics New Zealand brand because it is Canadian (based out of Vancouver), very stringent on their processing guidelines and are always upgrading their product.
Try it in chocolate, vanilla and unflavoured!