It’s unfortunate how often we go about our day, our routine and even when that includes going to the gym, there isn’t a moment where we completely let loose. We’re looking to change that with our Intro to Modern Dance workshop.

As adults, we don’t usually allow ourselves to move without permission or instruction. We prefer structure and order in our movements instead of flow. Don’t you remember being a little kid and just moving because there was music to move to? Not only were you likely adorable but you were doing your body some good- and having fun! It’s time to go back to that childish innocence where we can dance like no one’s watching and wiggle and groove to the music. Instead of feeling embarrassed or awkward, let your body simply feel the music. After a while you’ll find it knows what to do– you don’t have to think too hard about it!

Modern Dance is a free, expressive form of dance with no rules. It’s more about the connection you have between your body and the music, completely unscripted and free of rigidity. This kind of fitness acts as movement therapy, proven to heighten endorphins and increase happiness. In turn, this helps with anxiety, depression, mood management and reduces stress. The benefits are also physical as it is a great cardio workout and can improve coordination and mobility while decreasing muscular tension.

If you’re not afraid of trying something new and are ready to experience a new way of healthy living join us Saturday, April 16. Justin Thiboutot will be leading a 90 min Intro to Modern Dance workshop at EPIC. Justin has been practicing dance his whole life and being an EPIC client himself, we’re so excited to bring you this opportunity together.

This event is open to the public so spread the word, bring a friend and most importantly, prepare yourself for an hour and a half of fun fitness!

To see us chat about movement therapy on CTV Ottawa Morning Live check it out here:

And you can sign up here!