What better way to spend a Saturday than combining two of our favourite things: getting fit and giving back!

This May Stephanie is heading to Peru to conquer one of the most familiar icons of the Inca civilization, Machu Picchu. She will be climbing with the Dream Mountains team to support CARE Canada. Two years ago, this team collectively raised over $120,000 for seven different charities when they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and this year they are looking for a repeat success.

CARE Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing those in disadvantaged communities around the world with an opportunity at education, employment and a lasting change through innovative solutions and advocating global responsibility (learn more here: http://care.ca/about-us/mission-and-vision). Stephanie has committed to raising at least $5,000 on her own for this cause.

Stephanie and the Dream Mountains team will be climbing 14,000 ft up the most visited Peruvian attraction. Rich in ancient Incan history, Machu Picchu was only discovered in 1911 but since then has played host to hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who come to take in the beautiful vistas, educate themselves and of course, hike!

In preparation, on Saturday, April 30th Stephanie will be leading four movement classes in our event, Movement for Machu. Taking place at EPIC, all of the classes will be following in the theme of mountain climbing but that doesn’t mean you need to have already seen Everest. You can sign up for one or all four sessions. It is $30 per person per session with all the proceeds going directly to CARE Canada. Regardless of your physical situation, all classes will be multi-level with adjustments and refreshments will be available all day!

The sessions are one hour each starting at 9am as follows:

9am-10am: Mountain Prep

This class focuses on mobility and movement. It is like an extended warm-up with full body movements, yoga and a little cardio to prep you for the mountain ahead.

10am-11am: Torturous Trek

This is the get-your-butt-in-gear class. You’re going to sweat and work hard climbing the mountain. It’ll be tough but we promise you’ll feel the benefits afterward.

11am-12pm: Descent

Now that you’ve climbed the mountain, you can breathe a little. This is a Yin Yoga style class with passive stretches, relaxation and inspirational messages.

12pm-1pm: Reflect

You’re off the mountain and now it’s time to take it all in. This is a Mindful Meditation style class with guidance. Rest your eyes, bring your awareness back to your breath and create some space in your mind.

If you like taking on new challenges and donating to a more than worthy cause, you can sign up for as many Movement for Machu classes as you’d like to here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/movement-for-machu-in-support-of-care-canada-tickets-23443547281

If you’re unable to make the event but are still interested in donating you can here:

We hope to see you all out at the end of the month! Happy climbing!