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Checking Out: How Frequently Do We Really Do It?

26.05.2017 by Alyssa Fleck

This May long weekend I did one of the best things I could have done. I checked out. I disconnected from my phone. I stopped living my life on social media and I just lived in the moment. I wasn’t concerned with what others were doing or when we were going to meet up with friends. It was just me, my fiancé and my pup! We went camping in A...

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Eating Healthy: The Fastest Way to Gain 15lbs in Three Weeks

24.05.2017 by Caleigh DiNicolantonio

For many of us, picking up groceries that have “low-fat” slapped on the front of their packaging makes us feel good. As if this label provides affirmation that we are making healthy choices and that we are treating our bodies right. That Sugar Film When Australian actor Damon Gameau decided to use his own body as an experiment to show the...

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Who Keeps You Accountable?

15.05.2017 by Alyssa Fleck

Everyone has a way of staying accountable. Some people rely on themselves (props to those strong, badass people) while others need that external force or person to keep them on track. I’m the latter. I can talk myself out of ANYTHING! I’m great at prioritizing other people in my life but really crappy at prioritizing me. That’s why person...

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Finding Luc: An EPIC Success Story

11.05.2017 by Kathleen Holt

At one point, I thought that I was on top of my athletic game; I was playing rugby for Team Ontario, and on Canada’s radar. That all took quite the turn when I decided that I wanted to be ME. Playing sports was my father’s dream for me…I just wanted to be Luc. Time passed, I stopped playing sports and I didn’t eat properly. As a result, m...

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What Are YOU Training For?

09.05.2017 by Kathleen Holt

It’s not uncommon for me to be in the gym and for people to come up and ask “what are you training for?” Often, I would respond with, “I don’t know, life?”. I wanted to train so that I would excel in any situation thrown my way. My Dad and I have the exact same mentality when it comes to fitness. When we heard about the Spartan Race, we k...

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