‍‍‍About EPIC

After helping hundreds of people get in better physical shape over her early years as a Personal Trainer in Ottawa,
Stephanie Karlovits realized that even when a client's physical goal was achieved, a lot of clients were not any happier when they got to their goals. This lead to results that would not stand the test of time. She knew there was a better way and decided to throw herself into studies on happiness, sustainable health and longevity research.
It was a shame that so much effort was not translating into a change that would be sustained.
She vowed to change this for her clients' sake.

Through her research and reflection, pulling from her Psychology background and her experience, four things
came up again and again in the research. The secret to a happy and EPIC life was the combination of
Functional Training, Holistic Nutrition, exposure to Nature and Self-Care.

She began training herself in these areas with more vigour using herself as a guinea pig. Having already the practice of functional training in her regular life, she went ahead and studied holistic nutrition receiving a diploma and becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, she started climbing mountains all over the world, walking and hiking daily (even in the winter time) and implemented self-care techniques in her daily life on a regular basis.

The research was correct, and she herself truly started living an EPIC life.

She was convinced that this was "the secret", it was what everyone was really looking for.
It wasn't the 10lbs lost, the gold medal, these were just the wonderful outcomes of living an EPIC life.
And how were these results sustained? Making it more about our life habits and less on that one dimensional goal.

From her research, the essence of EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle was found with the pillars being the focus, not solely the physical goal. A gym that focused on the bigger picture,  one where the physical results are not the sole focus, but just a great by-product of a formula, this was Stephanie's dream.  In 2012 it became a reality.

We are a company that brings long-lasting result‍‍‍s through education, balance, ambition and inspiration.

Join us!