Family Fitness - How to Get Your Family FIT!Have you ever heard of the expression, “Monkey see, monkey do?” Well, it’s the truth with your children! You ARE their role model growing up, so it’s up to you to make healthy choices that don’t just affect you, but your family as well! Fitness is a family activity, and when you live out your fitness potential, so will your little ones!

The first step is to change your lifestyle! Instead of bonding with your child by watching a movie, try a more active alternative! According to the book “Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds”, children now spend up to 7 and half hours daily in front of some kind of screen, either video games or a television. Well, it’s up to you to put some restriction on their TV time. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education states that only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day. Even at school, this generation has less gym time in their curriculum compared to when you were a child. Technology is taking away from children’s true childhood…being outside! It’s harder to just say to your child, “Go play outside”. They need supervision! So instead of making it a grueling task to watch your child play, join in on the fun! Pass around a soccer ball, grab that glove and play catch or toss a Frisbee!

It’s your job to change what our world is telling them is normal. They are receiving mixed messages of what they should be doing from tons of different sources. Make active, their new normal! It’s never too late to work towards this kind of lifestyle. If you’re exercising and they want to join in that’s fantastic! Don’t make it just a parent thing, make an activity everyone can do together! It gives them a taste of what adults do, makes them feel grown up, so when they are grown up, exercising can be a daily activity!

What’s even better about being active is there is a lot more communication between you and your child! While playing outside, you can learn about their social life, school, and their well-being! You can’t discuss these topics when they are fixated in front of a television, now can you? These active opportunities also give you a chance to create family bonds and memories that your child will cherish forever. Ten years from now you want to remember the happiness in their eyes as they caught the ball, the joy they get when they catch you in tag and the laughter of when they cross the finish line.

Being active doesn’t have to be complicated! You can find tons of unconventional ways to exercise with your family! A great tip is to let your kids take the lead! Maybe you’re the princess in the castle and your son’s fighting a dragon to save you! Or, better yet you’re on a pirate ship that’s about to be invaded! Whatever the circumstance, go along with it, let them explore their imagination!

Alright, so we’ve covered a lot of the emotion bases and why it’s a positive change to make! Here are a few great ideas to keep in mind while trying to get active as a family:

  • Dedicate a night to fitness, a sport, or active activities!

  • Blast the tunes and have a family dance party in the living room

  • Make walking an everyday event especially if you have a dog

  • Get involved! Check out some local walks or runs for charity

  • Make games out of cleaning or commercial breaks

There are tons of things you can do to get active as a family! This generation has unfortunately been affected my obesity. Their future is in your hands, as a role model you can make that change! Be encouraging and get involved in their sports and active lifestyles! You can be EPIC, as a family!